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  • Reading Li Bo "flower" in possession of knives Yun deep feeling

    The typical Li Bo's paintings, which usually have one or more naked body fat, such as "mahjong series." Round toot the face, the toilet lid like a short hair, the mouth of the child with a small, good or not arouses love and affection. It seems not to go to school age, but the name of the bright red scarf. As if not playing hide-and-seek game, but blindfolded. He / they are behind a few long flags, a pair of twilight are in a sense of superego consciousness among the excitement. They are placed in the mahjong table, or a few mahjong as a symbol of embellishment in the frame. But also with a very Chinese-based color blue and white color master. Schema and color fancy and in full control.

    As long as indulging in these image symbols, will certainly be able to open the metaphor of Li Bo feast, in which he played enough metaphor game. These image symbols, regardless of their size / small, overall / local, completely point to the intellectual low-age, closed vision, the ideology of the official, lifestyle decay, cultural nationalism of the contemporary Chinese mental symptoms The world, in the seemingly Hua Qiao Hu Qiao's humorous surface, allegory of the fire full. In particular, shelling mahjong as a quintessence refers to the weak, narrow personality (used here in the "personality" actually as if the self-questioned).

    Li Bo uses multiple techniques to arrange and combine these image symbols in an effort to present subjects' present state of mental illness. However, the lancet is still exploring deeper, searching for "DNA series", which points to the Chinese culture Genetic Challenges and Allegations. In the transformation from concrete to semi-abstract, accompanied by the presentation of the disease to the pulse of the disease, ask, this boring is commendable, and directed at the people.

    According to cultural philosophy, such as Sorokin's point of view, he believes that "the decision of human development is not a change in socio-economic structure, not the revolution, but the replacement of cultural types." Culture has its birth, maturity, prosperity, aging, the fate of death. Cultural crisis in the world - cultural eschatology, which is one of the world's common concern, the loss of value or the relativism of value, leading to the current pessimism, the proliferation of nothingness.

    To my understanding of Chinese culture, its rise in business, the Western Zhou Dynasty, mature in the Spring and Autumn, the Warring States, prosperity in the Tang, Song, and then seems to be a long decay orbit. The Chinese culture and Western culture, it seems that some innate deficiencies, affecting its sound development and growth, such as scientific rationality, the lack of religious beliefs. Just to the East and West confluence of modern and contemporary, Chinese culture from the West to continue to draw its fresh plasma, before starting a new journey. But soon fell to the ground, mud feet deep, and even today still linger in the "Cultural Revolution of the extension line" (King Wen East). However, cultural issues, the end is not around the past, we no matter how far away, will have to come back to re-cast our cultural DNA.
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    Li Bo used to wear white coats at work, the books as a doctor as a painting, he does have a doctor's rational and operation of the approach. He is well versed in contemporary art and is deeply influenced by it, dissecting the spiritual world of the contemporary Chinese and opening his fruit in the contemporary context. He is to catch, was the image of the various symbols are after his own exploration, thinking, refining the crystallization of the concept, very fun, very energetic, has a great Li Bo Fan children.



    The DNA series is an extension of the previous "Mahjong" series. In the "DNA" series, I moved the image form from the figurative system to the semi-abstract system again, weakening the three-dimensional sense of the character's image, making the picture more Flatness and design sense. But the same as the "Mahjong" series of works is still on the screen to retain the pleasure of hand-painted and oil paint unique texture effect, still using the ultramarine this stimulus and highly transparent oil paint color rendering, the purpose is to cool The humanistic enthusiasm of the viewer, and the unpredictability of philosophical speculative expressions. In the "DNA" series, I will further visually confuse the figurative symbols with the Chinese-style totem copy, so as to avoid the narrative and lyrical elements in the painting language more effectively and make the painting language as simple and direct as possible. . This chaotic and even dazzling kaleidoscope of painting precisely imply the double contradiction between the spirit and the mind of the Chinese today, in the history of the present, in the Western East, in the foreign China, in the traditional modern, radical conservative , And so on under the influence of various ideas, leading to the spirit and psychology of the Chinese people have never been so confused as today, fear and anxiety, from a broad social and cultural life in all areas of the problem with the pressure of the super- The role of the Chinese people today, the spiritual and psychological world. And this confusion, flip, stitching the picture is the form of this spirit and the true reflection of the heart.



    Whether it is rationality and order or expectation of equality and equality, here is the personal interpretation of Li Bo, an absurd scene that the world in which liberals see themselves - Xiao Yufang (curator)


    Thinking the ultimate and sensitive, with a unique sensibility, vocabulary concise, clear, honest artist Li Bo. - Duan Yanan

    Li Bo resume:

    1981: Born in Jilin Siping

    2009: 2009: Graduated from Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, the first studio, research direction - Neo-classical oil painting, master's degree