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  • talk about the paintings

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    Described in the description of the layman, my understanding is the art of 0 base, so really can enjoy a painting it? The

    The answer is yes. In this era of information explosion, visual work has long been everywhere, even if no computer at hand, always have to watch TV and take to the streets to see a variety of advertising it, the most basic look Shun Shun is not difficult to distinguish everyone is not difficult to distinguish The foundation is enough.

    And since it is a layman, this answer will not talk about what professional terms, are basically happy to see the content.

    Before explaining the question of the subject, I would like to emphasize that the most important thing in a painting is the first impression of our painting, and it is up to my own story about it:

    I had attended a debate in high school more than a decade ago. The question was "whether the subject is subjective or objective".

    The most important word to win the debate is to quote the shampoo ads that are broadcast at each stage. "Andy Lau said:" My dream lover, there must be a black and beautiful long hair, but I said: my dream lover must To have a black and beautiful short hair. Must have no objection. "(Not through that era can point this look)

    Of course this is a debate, non-black that white has lost to win. In fact, things are not so absolute that is subjective. In fact, almost everyone knows that people's visual signal is a certain law, for example:

    Most people see this picture, the first time the brain automatically to distinguish this "is a warning card", rather than "lovely Pikachu waving with you."

    reproductions paintings

    "Dream lover" is actually the same, I believe that even if there is a "black long hair", Andy Lau's dream lover must be like this.


    Not the case


    Scientists' studies have also shown that putting a beautiful face picture and a long, sorry female face picture in front of a baby, the baby will be staring at the good looking for a longer time.

    Our first intuition comes from the direct reflection of the mind, we are really not very different, in this range, will someone love long hair, some people love the difference between short hair.

    So, for the appreciation of oil painting, I would like to mention the first point is to believe that your innate aesthetic ability! Believe in your innate aesthetic ability! Believe in your innate aesthetic ability!

    See the first moment of a painting, whether you feel the United States, comfort, solemn, decorative and other positive feelings, or feel the ugly, nausea, terror, despair, sadness and other negative emotions, your first reaction must be correct of! If you see a picture at first glance feel humble or space feel weird, do not doubt yourself, your aesthetic really no fault!

    In this most basic feeling, do not be affected by others. Usually we will encounter the impact of two kinds of people:

    The first is "half a bottle of sloshing", even if such people around the people say too much, please insist on their first feeling. for example:


    Who told me that "Guernica" more beautiful, I absolutely when he is a "healthy song" when the bitter song also pretend to be inside the cattle snake sickness.

    The second is the knowledge of this very rich people, the most typical is the relevant experts and professors, their work is around a variety of paintings and history, so many of them feel is common sense of knowledge, because you did not contact May not be available at all. For example: when you see an expert on this one how do you think how to think of rough old painting evaluation is "so beautiful a painting is really never seen.", Do not doubt your intuition, experts only Look at the place you do not know, his sentence is likely according to the then environment and technology, the degree of development of the theory to judge. If these paintings are modern people still alive, experts should be and your views should be similar, such as the following:


    A picture gives you the first feeling, is to appreciate the starting point of a painting. Even if there is "this is also called painting?" "I can draw it!" This idea does not matter, should congratulate yourself, enjoy a painting of the door has opened for you.

    Then if you are willing to meet me with me ... then ... please listen to the next break down!


    Then if you are willing to meet me with me ... then ... please listen to the next break down! ¦² (¤Ã ¡ã

    (Try to continue to write the answer.)


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