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Gustave Caillebotte art

This is their own painting of the volcanic eruption of Hawaii, looking at the picture painting, but always feel that they painted a large lump dirty cloud,


This is a watercolor, I do not know how to draw this painting, is the paint directly stacked on the paper, and then use the scraper from scratch down, can also be mixed with other colors, and then this The picture came out, and then with the point of skill, the paint diluted, but must be a solid color, with the finger zan (how that zan word is not hit) and then stand a little bit, playing the paper, you can pop Point-like, you can also play from the top down, you can pop up a line, and then put one of my most satisfied with the watercolor


But the color of the watercolor is still a little dark, unlike the oil painting, will be very bright, but the watercolor if the brush is very thick, dry after the crack will be particularly feeling. This is the last sophomore, that is, in September last year, I began to buy tools to get started painting, and generally buy horsepower oil paint, I like the cool color, so basically bought a cool color, as well as the basic color White black are bought a large tube, the first is copy


Sunrise impression. In fact, oil painting does not need to play too many types, as long as the color and other places to separate just fine, leaving the location to. Some paintings can not brush too thick, thin layer just fine, such as Monet's picture, from the original picture of the photo can also be seen, in fact, many places through the paint can see the bottom of the board, and is One by one, especially feeling.


Then the scenery is actually the most eye-catching piece of the tree should be the tree, but it seems like the growth of the tree I did not draw out, but the oil can be painted to the old, and so on some time to change, and then I then start Copy the Van Gogh's starry sky



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