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Scott Davidson: drawings between the case

In the course of his artistic activities Scott Davidson has already created a lot of digital creations. His hand belongs to computer games or separately, by special order created by the heroes. For some customers whose desires meet Steve's concepts, he created unique interfaces for the sites. He mastered Photoshop, Flash and Illustrator for a long time, and also learned to fulfill orders in a tight and extremely short time. But all the same there is time for a birth of surprising drawings which are created in an inconceivably organic combination of black humor and conceptualism. How is this possible? The answer is - and it is in the works of Scott Davidson (Scott Davidson).



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Sometimes the creative mood becomes completely different. And on a large canvas appears a tiny plane, which sits on a quiet mirror surface. The picture literally shines with water, in which the light reflects and dazzles with bright sun rays. In the same mood, Scott once drew a self-portrait: he portrayed himself as the brainchild of Frankenstein, assembled from fragments - but of the same person. Despite the all-conquering sense of humor, which provokes drawing, mostly sharply ironic drawings, Scott's attention, from time to time, attracts ordinary human faces. And he creates portraits of these people - very lively and emotional.

Inscrutable are any ways, but creative ones in particular. Who knows, maybe from under the hands of this artist, like this, between the case, very soon a masterpiece will be born, which will become the greatest phenomenon in contemporary art. All the prerequisites for such a phenomenon are available.

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