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Paul Hedley Spanish Holidays

La vida es para vivirla, no para sufrirla!
Life is not for suffering, but for enjoyment - such a Spanish proverb is.
And that's how they live.
It seems that the Spaniards never think about tomorrow, but simply enjoy every moment of life.
I wish you the same!


Spanish holidays ...

Cheerful, bright, dancing Malaga, heated by the tender sun of the Spanish Riviera and drunk from sweet wines.
...Heat! Warm air, warm relations, warmth in my soul ...
... blue with white sea lambs and flying curly clouds.
... thoughts fly after the clouds ... thoughts, dreams, and fantasies.
... relaxation, relaxation, communication, pleasure, laughter and puppy delight - next to your favorite people!
And friendship does not get old! And you can immerse yourself in childhood and laugh to the point of becoming a child ... but not forgetting that you are a woman and with the edge of your eye noticing the interested looks of burning Italians.
Oh, Donna! Il Tuo Sorriso Infanta!))
Orthodox Easter in a Catholic country, the festival of Spanish cinema.
Branch of the Russian Museum from St. Petersburg and the exhibition of Diaghilev ... Russian art comes to Malaga. And then the branch of the Center Georges Pompidou was right next door.
... Spain-life, movement ... flying, daring, lazy ... events, emotions, speed, stop ... everything!
¡Buenas trades, mis amigos! (Good afternoon, my friends!)
Un Buen día Scienza con un café y sunrises. (A good day starts with coffee and a smile.)
Flew on a new day! )))








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