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Daniel Keyes "Flowers for Algernon" / story


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Initially, Daniel Keyes wrote the story and only afterwards finalized it to the novel, for which he received the prestigious American science fiction award "Nebula."

"Understand me correctly: mind is the greatest acquisition of mankind!" And yet, too often, the pursuit of knowledge substitutes for the search for love.I have recently come to this: I propose a working hypothesis: a person who has intelligence but lacks the capacity to love and be loved is doomed to intellectual and a moral catastrophe, and perhaps even a serious mental illness. "In addition, I maintain that a self-contained brain can not give anything to others, only pain and violence." While I was mentally retarded, I had many friends. a. Oh, I know a lot of people, but it's just friends, and among them there is almost not a single person that something would mean to me or who are interested in me. "
© D. Kiz, "Flowers for Algernon."

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