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"The Golden Ring" of China. One day from the life of the city of Suzhou.

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"The Golden Ring" of China. One day from the life of the city of Suzhou.

Suzhou is a small town near Shanghai. "There is heaven in heaven, and on earth - Suzhou."

In 514 BC. ruler of the ancient kingdom of U ordered his minister to build a city that by beauty would not be equal. The ruler's command was executed. So in China, the city of Suzhou appeared - a city of parks, gardens and pagodas.

Such trains go from Shanghai to Suzhou. They are dispersed to 350 km / h and the usual rails to such are not adapted. In the car, in addition to the usual toilet, there is a special one for disabled people on wheelchairs. Purity is indescribable around! Speed ​​is absolutely not felt by passengers and only the scoreboard shows the speed of movement in space.

Station Suzhou small, but new with English inscriptions and pointers. On the way out, you have to stick together with the people. Nowhere, except for a bus station with taxi parking, it will not lead you. On the way, you just need to buy a tourist map.

And we'll start the journey with the "Garden of the humble official". The most famous garden in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, one of the four classic gardens. The garden, broken in 1509, is the creation of An Xiansheng, a government official, accused by the emperor of corruption. The term "humble official" is taken from a classic work, in which we are talking about a character for whom his garden is everything.

The territory of the garden is not very large and you can bypass it slowly in an hour.

Further we will pass in "Garden of Stone Lions". The Garden of Stone Lions was created by the monk Tian Lu in honor of his teacher. The garden is an excellent example of a combination of living and artificially created nature.

In Suzhou full of all kinds of channels with the mandatory presence of boats on them like "Gondola" and, of course, "Gondolierro" only Chinese appearance.

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ost-most interesting in Suzhou. This place is called "National Tourist Attraction of Grade AAAA". The letters AAAA mean a very important, almost National treasure of the republic. There are trishaws all around. Here in these vests are required to drive licensed drivers.

And here it is the most beautiful place. An ancient fortress wall, a canal, a beautiful pagoda, beautiful landscapes.

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