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EDB Paintings art 2014 - Page 5

  • England / Hampton Court Castle

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    England / Hampton Court Castle

    Hampton Court is 30 minutes by train from London. One of the most striking and memorable Eng William Tillyer paintings

    lish palaces of the 16th century, and the palace of one of the most famous kings, Henry VIII, who tidied him to his arms and evicted his cardinal Thomas Wolsey, because he could not get the king's divorce from Queen Catherine of Aragon (his first wife) in 1529.

    The palace has been modified several times, architectural styles are intertwined, but this only gives the palace its romantic appeal. The king spent incredible sums at the time preparing the palace for his second wife Anne Boleyn, but in a tragic coincidence she was not allowed to enter her quarters. Henry accused her of treason and the head of the beautiful Anna, because of which he angered the Pope and divorced his first wife, flew off her shoulders. Very sad story. I was at Hever Castle, where Anna Boleyn came from and the place where Henry VIII came to take care of her and ... where their first intimate relationship happened. Anna's shadow in every room in that castle. Shalunishka was that king, did not know the measures and boundaries.

    Following in the footsteps of King Henry VIII, I do not get tired of wondering how many castles, palaces and estates belonged to him. I will not hide my interest in this king, although he was not famous for his good reputation and was often in anger, for his not so long a life he brought in not a few in the history of England, and most importantly uniquely changed the course of English history. These changes are related to sad events or joyful ones, but the name of the king is not only preserved in the book by dates, but also by what I see, his life is carefully guarded in every place where he was and lived. He lived very little, but he did a lot.

    Fountain with wine, real. Hampton Court

    Hampton Court was one of his favorite palaces. It was such a huge kitchen! that it was called a "food factory", more than 1200 servings of food were produced daily. In the same castle lived his children, Edward, Maria and Elizabeth.

    Henry VIII with family

    Henry VIII At Hampton Court

    Henry collected the largest collection of tapestries and only in Hampton Court it can be seen, more precisely those tapestries that survived.

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  • the film "Lovers" / Robert de Niro, Meryl Streep

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    the film "Lovers" / Robert de Niro, Meryl Streep

    Having met in the crowd of the bookstore on the eve of Christmas, they simply collide with each other, gather scattered on the floor of the purchase and each one disperses his own way. But fate confronts them again and again. From such meetings, this story begins.
     Genre: Drama, Melodrama Director: Ulu Grosbard Starring: Robert De Niro,
    Meryl Stree Nguyen Dinh Dang art paintings for sale

    p, Harvey Keitel,
    Jane Kaczmarek, George Martin, David Clennon, Dianne Whist,
    Victor Argo, Wiley Earl,
    Jesse Bradford

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  • I did not have time to say how much I love you ...

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    I did not have time to say how much I love you ...

    "My dear, there are no words for this letter that you, perhaps, will never read, I write it in space, maybe you will return, and I will not be any more, then this will be the last memory.

    Our childhood with you life - what a happiness it was. Our quarrels, our quarrels, our games and our love. Now I do not even look at the sky. Who to show if I see a cloud?

    Do you remember how we dragged our miserable feasts into our poor, wandering wagon-houses? Do you remember how good bread is when it got miraculously and it is eaten together? And the last winter in Voronezh. Our happy poverty and poetry. I remember we were walking out of the bathhouse, buying either eggs or sausages. Went cart with hay. It was still cold, and I froze in my jacket (so whether we are going to freeze: I know how cold you are). And I remember that day: I clearly realized that this winter, these days, these troubles are the best and last happiness that fell to our lot.

    Every thought of you. Every tear and every smile is your Alex Echo art paintings for sale

    e. I bless every day and every hour of our bitter life, my friend, my companion, my sweet blind guide ...

    We were like blind puppies poking each other, and it was good for us. And your poor hot head and all the madness with which we burned our days. What happiness it was - and how we always knew that it was this happiness.

    Life is a debt. How long and hard it is to die alone. Is this fate for us inseparable? Are we puppies, children, are you an angel deserving it? And then everything goes on. I do not know anything. But I know everything, and every day is yours and the hour, as in a delirium - I'm clear and clear.

    You came to me every night in a dream, and I kept asking what happened, and you did not answer.

    Last dream: I buy some food in the dirty buffet of a dirty hotel. There were some very strange people with me, and, having bought, I realized that I do not know where to carry all this good, because I do not know where you are.

    Waking up, she told Shura: Osya died. I do not know if you are alive, but from that day on I lost your track. I do not know where you are. Will you hear me? Do you know how I love? I did not have time to tell you how much I love you. I do not know how to say even now. I just say: you, you ... You are always with me, and I'm wild and wicked, who never knew how to just cry, - I cry, I cry, I cry.

    It's me - Nadia. Where are you? Goodbye".

    This is the last letter of Nadezhda Yakovlevna Mandelstam to her husband Osip Emilievich - the great Russian poet.